Our History

See Me Communications was born from a hospice nurse’s firsthand experience caring for the frail, elderly and disabled. Through her nursing experience since 1988, Lisa Erbstoesser has witnessed the difference personalized care makes to the elderly in terms of quality of life. In nursing homes and other healthcare facilities where caregivers connect with patients, the residents seem happier, healthier, and more responsive. This observation spurred Lisa and her business partner/husband, Tim, to create the Life Story Board.

The Life Story Board was developed to foster communication and build relationships between a resident and his or her caregivers. This remarkable product allows caregivers to see the unique person within the patient, even in the presence of obstacles such as disease or dementia. The benefits to patients and their families as well as to caregivers and nursing homes are numerous and life-changing.

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Our Name

The name See Me Communications was inspired by the poem “See Me,” written by an elderly woman who spent the last part of her life in a geriatric ward in Scotland. The poem was found among her possessions after she died, and though her name has been lost, her message lives. The poem is a reminder to see patients as unique, vibrant individuals, even though time may have robbed them of the ability to express themselves. The Erbstoessers are dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients such as these, and giving a voice to those whom age or disease has silenced.

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Our Logo

Our company logo was carefully designed to be highly symbolic of the values we strive to uphold. The emblem not only tells our story, but is representative of the lives we are dedicated to improving.

Oak Tree: The individual and his or her strength, wisdom, longevity, life

Reflection / Water: Reflecting upon one’s life

Sunrise / Sunset: Both the beginning and the end; the circular nature of life

Acorn: New life, continuity through future generations

Bridge: Transition or connection. Our products helps connect the past to the present, to form a bridge from one generation to the next; it also fosters connection and communication between the patient and the caregiver, building a bridge to understanding and ultimately better care and an improved quality of life.

Our Commitment

At See Me Communications, our mission is to improve and honor the lives of the frail, elderly and disabled people whose voice and essence may be hidden from their caregivers.