Improve Relationships Between Students and Teachers

It is a known fact that the surest way to achieve success is to model behavior after someone who has actually succeeded. Unfortunately, many children today do not have a role model in the home that has graduated from college and/or has a successful career.

The Education and Career Pathway Board showcases an educator’s journey through college, career, and life choices that have resulted in success. Every board displays a different pathway “to and through” college and career choices. The board shows students that their teachers, principals, counselors, resource specialists, and other school staff were once just like them. A school age picture is often the highlight of the board!

What Information is Included on the Board?

The Education and Career Pathway Board is a tool to improve communication and understanding between students and teachers. It humanizes teachers by offering an array of information about his or her life story.

Some of the Information Included on the Board

• Name of teacher and the subjects they teach

• Hometown

• Elementary, Jr. High, and / or High School experience

• Activities, awards, special interests and favorite subjects

• First Jobs

• List of colleges or universities attended

• Majors, minors, type of degree, honors, and affiliations

• Military Service

• Professional jobs and various positions

• Activities, interests, and hobbies

• Favorite things

We also encourage teachers, administrators and school staff to include a brief story about what or who inspired them to succeed and any special “words of wisdom”.

Benefits of the Education and Career Pathway Board

• Shows many different paths to college / career success

• Humanizes administrators and teachers

• Engages students on a personal level

• Enables students to see a path to college graduation

• Improves teacher-student relationships

• Creates a “Culture of College” in the classroom and across campus

For Elementary Schools we suggest the Get to Know Me Board for all school employees. They can improve campus safety and enhance communication and understanding between students and staff.

Creating Your Education and Career Pathway Board

Here are two samples of Education and Career Pathway Board to refer to if you need help while filling out your order form. Click the Education and Career Pathway Board samples below to see each section; this may help to give you an idea of what type of information to include when creating your Education and Career Pathway Board. Of course, your information will be unique to you but the essence of the Education and Career Pathway Board will be similar. Enjoy the process and refer back to the examples for guidance as needed.

Education and Career Pathway BoardEducation and Career Pathway Board


When you order a Education and Career Pathway Board, your information is offset by your choice of a beautiful, timeless frame. All of our frames are made in the USA and are eco-friendly. We use styrene instead of glass, which is a type of flexible thermoplastic that:

• Is more shatter resistant than glass
• Is half the weight of glass
• Provides better moisture protection
• Should only be cleaned with water and a soft cloth
• Is not UV resistant and should not be placed in direct sunlight


Education and Career Pathway Board with Designer Frame: $139.00

This understated frame is 2” wide with distinctive, clean lines that compliment your piece without distracting from it. Available finishes include vintage espresso, which is a natural brown with a distressed pattern for a more rustic effect, and black.

Within 24 hours of receipt of your order we will send you a Education and Career Pathway Board questionnaire. After you complete the form, please send it back to us and we will begin production of your Education and Career Pathway Board.

Additional Copies of Unframed Education and Career Pathway Board: $50.00

Wrought Iron Tabletop Easel: $30.00