Every caregiver should know their patients’ personal preferences. See Me Communications’ Personal Preference Board facilitates person-centered care by making very individualized preferences and information accessible to caregivers so they can fulfill very specific needs. By using this type of information, caregivers show respect for each individual and facilities demonstrate to families and governing agencies that honoring specific desires is a top priority.

The Personal Preference Board is a stationary wall unit with a replaceable card system organized by personal preference categories. The categories include communication, dietary, environmental and daily routine preferences, leisure activities, and favorites. More sensitive preferences can be placed on the back of the card. From favorite TV shows to hobbies to foods that bring a smile, the Personal Preference Board system is a cost-effective way for caregivers to easily meet the needs of residents, which improves quality of life and gives comfort to family members. The range and type of information that can be included on the card is virtually endless.

Caregivers no longer have to thumb through entire charts or read the scribble on random sticky notes to determine what makes residents’ happy. By using the Personal Preference Board, an aide may wake a patient at his or her preferred time, and turn on a favorite morning show or radio program. Health care providers can quickly make residents more comfortable in their surroundings with information such as whether they like the blinds open or closed or prefer soft or bright lighting. Family members have more comfort knowing their loved one is receiving exceptional individualized care. Acute care cards are also available and include information such as patient bedding preferences as well as what types of things bring comfort when feeling ill. To learn more about the Personal Preference Board, please contact us.

Benefits to patient/family:

• Enables caregivers to fulfill very specific needs and preferences

• Eases the transition into a care community

• Fosters caregivers to see each person as a unique individual

• Enhances personal relationships

• Improves residents’ overall quality of life

Benefits to caregivers and health care facilities:

• Makes residents’ preferences accessible

• Enables caregivers to fulfill very specific needs

• Improves job satisfaction

• Proves person-centered care is being provided

• Provides a cost efficient quality improvement initiative

• Increases resident and family satisfaction

“Staff can determine how best to serve each resident by knowing as much as possible about each resident’s life story, preferences and abilities.”

Alzheimer’s Association


Personal Preference Board with 2 Preference Cards: $159.00

Box of 25 Preference Cards: $59.00