Lisa Erbstoesser

Lisa Erbstoesser is the founder and president of See Me Communications. Lisa has been a registered nurse for more than 20 years, five of which were spent as a hospice nurse. During her career she witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be for caregivers to connect with people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other physically or mentally debilitating conditions. She knows that quality of life is dependent on the quality of the relationship a person has with direct care staff. To help foster stronger relationships between individuals and their caregivers, Lisa started See Me Communications.

Lisa’s nursing experience also encompasses the following areas: medical and surgical, pre-op and recovery, and whole hospital case management, which included ICU and pediatrics. In nursing school, Lisa first came across the poem “See Me,” from which her company takes its name. A reminder to see the whole person, not just another patient, the poem struck a chord in her and reinforced her dedication to person-centered care for the frail, elderly and disabled. As a member of the Alzheimer’s Early Detection Alliance, Lisa educates community members and industry peers about the importance of early detection. She graduated from nursing school in 1988 from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, California.

Tim Erbstoesser

Tim brings the experience of a businessman and the compassion of a family man to his role as the production manager and customer service representative for See Me Communications. As a devoted son caring for aging parents, he understands the better a caregiver knows the person he or she is caring for, the better the experience for everyone involved. Tim has played a significant role in developing the Life Story Board and Personal Preference Board to enrich the lives of nursing home residents and to make caring for the elderly more personal and meaningful.

In 1987, Tim and his two brothers founded an industrial and medical gas company, on the beautiful Central Coast of California. He was intimately involved with all aspects of the daily operations as well as the long-term strategic planning for the company and became known for his outstanding customer service and relations.

For nearly two decades Tim and his brothers operated this business and became leaders in their industry and community. In 2004, they sold to a Fortune 500 company, whose president stated, “We have never acquired a company that is so well run and ethical in all aspects.” Tim was raised in Southern California and moved to the San Luis Obispo, California area in 1985.

Sandra Pickens

Sandra Pickens is an account manager for See Me Communications. In her role, she builds supportive relationships with customers and is available to discuss person-centered care strategies, products, and the benefits they provide. Sandra has been in the nursing industry for more than 40 years, practicing in a wide variety of areas.

She began her nursing career in San Luis Obispo focusing on geriatrics, followed by acute care medical, surgical and OB/GYN. Sandra served as a nursing supervisor at the San Luis Obispo Family Care Center and then clinic manager of Atascadero Family Care Center. She worked within the San Luis Obispo County hospital system for 30 years.

Sandra was also a catastrophic case manager, where she coordinated care for patients with devastating illnesses and has extensive experience as a home health and hospice intake liaison.

Sandra is highly respected amongst her peers and has formed long-standing relationships in the medical community. She attended Cuesta College, where she specialized in general education, science and nursing.