For nursing home residents and those caring for the elderly, the Life Story Board can greatly improve quality of life and the nursing home experience. Perhaps the best way to understand the impact the Life Story Board has on patients, caregivers, and families, is to read the words of those who have experienced the benefits first hand.

“We displayed the Life Story Board in his room and it enabled all the caregivers to see what an incredible man they were caring for. Even the doctor read it and got to know our wonderful father! The caregivers instantly had a connection with him and knew personal things about him, making them able to talk with dad and the family on such a more personal level.”

Carol, Mammoth Lakes, CA

“When grandchildren came to visit they all enjoyed reading the storyboard and it helped make the experience so much more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.”

Martin Martinez

“The Life Story Board is so beautiful we also used it at our Dad’s memorial service.”

Connie S.

“Now that the Life Storyboard is in my aunt’s room (right above her bed) the caregivers talk to her about everything she enjoys. They even bring her things I listed on her ‘favorites’ list. Thank you again for helping to personalize the care my aunt receives every day. Your product is great and everyone at the nursing home that sees it wants one!”

Deadra Jones

“What a gift this is to the patient, family and caregivers. As we age, we lose so much of who we are. We lose our independence, our health, our memories and our voice. You are framing the life of people so they are no longer lost but seen. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference in so many lives.”

Tonya Semas-Wallace BSN, MA, MFT
Bereavement Counselor

If you would like to honor your loved one through the purchase of a Life Story Board or Life Story Memorial Board, order online today.